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Presentation of your property shows a tenant what is expected of them, if it is of the highest standard then you attract a quality tenant.


Fully reticulated gardens are a necessity, having lawns mowed, weed free and garden beds weeded and all plants healthy. All shrubs and trees should be pruned back and not overhanging on fences or the roof.

  • Sheds, Garages should be clean and oil stains removed.
  • Windows cleaned inside and out including window tracks. Curtains and blinds cleaned.
  • Swimming pools should be cleaned and all equipment should be in good working order.
  • Gutters cleaned, Eaves clean and tidy and free from cobwebs.
  • Any dripping taps should be fixed (including reticulation).


  • All carpets and tile grout cleaned.
  • Walls cleaned, any chips or scuffs repaired.
  • If you have lots of bright coloured walls and repainted, make sure they are done in neutral colours.
  • Bathrooms should have no mould, no leaking toilets or shower heads and all tiles cleaned.
  • Kitchens should have clean cupboards and benches with no dripping taps. Ovens should be cleaned including grills and cooktops being clean and all in working order (Including exhaust fans and range hoods).
  • All light fittings to be clean and all globes to be in working order.
  • Curtain and blinds need to be in good repair and no cords hanging.

 Mandatory Requirements from Department of Consumer Affairs

  • Two RCD swtiches.
  • Hard wired smoke alarms or if a multi storey apartment block then a 10 year battery.
  • Make sure all sliding doors and shower screens have safety glass and are all in working order.
  • Windows have locks (tenants may not be able to get insurance without them).
  • External light at front of property that switches on from the inside.

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