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It is so important to make sure your property looks the best, from the moment it goes to the market to achieve the possible sale price.

Ask yourself this question, when buying a piece of fruit, do you choose the piece that is bruised or do you choose the one that looks fresh and great, potential buyers do the same, they automatically expect to pay less for a property that does not look its best.

From the front of the home, make sure all garden beds and lawns are weeded and plants trimmed back. Make sure it looks appealing to a buyer, add a splash of colour with pots or mulch and if you have pavers make sure they are moss and weed-free. Make sure the gutters are clean if they need repainting then repaint them remember first impressions are the lasting impresstions

Windows, Eaves and Doors should be cleaned and all cobwebs removed inside and out. It is surprising how much light enters through clean windows.

Declutter your home from front to back, less clutter will make a room look bigger, keep it clean and simple. Remove all personal belongings.

Hiring Furniture to set the scene can be very beneficial and give your home extra appeal.

Make sure you fix leaking taps, replace light bulbs and re-paint walls that are flaking or have large chips. A splash of paint can make a big difference to how a property presents.

Odours can really turn people off (pets, cooking or smoking), open the windows, bake or brew coffee all will create a nice and inviting atmosphere for the buyer, flowers are also a nice touch. Putting pet bowls and taking pets away for home opens is a good idea too.

Create a cosy feeling during the winter months by lighting the fire or putting a heater on and in summer make sure you have the air conditioning or fans on, to make viewing the home as comfortable for the buyers as possible.

Swimming pools should be cleaned prior to viewings and all sheds and garages looking their best.

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